Friday, 11 October 2013

DIY Dramatic Play Theatre

Dimples loves to dress up, he has an insanely large collection of dress ups for a 4 year old. Over the years I have collected any dress up outfit, pretend play props and funny looking piece of clothing I have come across into a toy box and it got to the point that we were hardly getting them out because there was just too much. So I decided to designate an area for the dress ups and make a play area to encourage Dimples to role play and make use of his collection. Here is the DIY Theatre I made in our lounge room. 

It was so easy, and its the lazy Mums DIY play space. I do have a sewing machine but I had 5 minutes to spare so I grabbed a red sheet, cut it down the middle and laid it across the floor then I put a string across the middle of both 'curtains' and doubled them over so that the string remained in what was now the top. I grabbed a stapler and stapled it about an inch from the edge (making sure the string wasn't in the way and was in the top side. Ok so its not ideal and you may want to sew it but it was easy and any one can do it.
I put a small hook on the wall which is opposite a baluster railing at the top of a stair case, I then tied the strong with the curtains hung from the railing across to the hook, making sure that they open and closed.

You could do it from wall to wall or across a corner of a room I guess, or if you had one of those portable clothing rails that could work. All Dimples dress ups were put in a couple of toy boxes behind the curtains and he started to do performances. Mission Complete.

Its pretty funny!
He is quite the drama King. He starts his performance with the curtain shut and counts down, then he claps three times before he rips the curtains open and springs out into action. He does high energy dances, sings and jumps around the place, he does comedy performances as a clown and falls down over and over and over laughing at him self. He always remembers to do a bow when he is finished.

Dimples tells jokes and because the height of the curtains is head height the DIY theatre also doubles as a Puppet show. He ducks down and uses props to put on a puppet show with his stuffed animals.
Its great for Family Fun. Miss Cherub sits and watches his performances excitedly and on the weekend we had a screen free day where myself, Adventures Dad and Dimples had to take turns doing performances. We spent the afternoon laughing at each other and being silly together.

Dimples has utilized all the dress up gear more in the past two weeks than he has in the past two years.
He has a Monsters Inc suit which is a favourite and a Monsters inc toy that he was talking for as if he was a ventriloquist.  He has developed quite a laugh, he always cracks me up.

Learning Concepts:
Pretend Play
Imagination & Creativity
Role Play
Being Active
Imitating people, things and animals
Developing a sense of humor
Confidence in self

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Happy Adventures :)


  1. These theatre curtains are gold. Cammy would love a pair, but hubby will not let me attach anything to walls. Maybe I could create an outdoor theatre for her. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Some of the removable hooks work good these days or you could make a temporary one from door handle or furniture

  2. You've got me thinking where we might be able to rig up a curtain as my kids LOVE putting on a show!

  3. My little showman would love them too! I used to love putting on shows for mum and dad when we were little. What a fun afternoon. I can imagine all the giggles. We have the perfect little spot for some theatre curtains....

  4. haha, he really put on a show! I love how blurry your photos are - no time to stop and pose mum, the show must go on! xx

    1. Haha yep :-) the rest of the pictures looked like a flying superman. I had to beg him to sit for the monster one & even then he was giggling & wriggling about :-)

  5. I'm surprised we don't already have one of those as Maddie is constantly putting on a show. I'll have to look for an appropriate area in our house to rig one up. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. That's awesome! I've been intending to make a puppet theatre for the girls for some time, & now I see it's totally worth it :-)

  7. It is wonderful that this new space has inspired such fun and creative performances. I think it is sweet that he has a "routine" to introduce each act. Lots of special memories will be created during these performances.

  8. That is gorgeous and I can just imagine, from a child's perspective, how that would transform things into a real *show*. Thank you for sharing, looks like fun!

  9. What a lovely idea for dramatic play...would love to incorporate one of these and love the action shots!

  10. Love the area and LOVE THE STAPLER!!! I have a sewing machine too but would so use that idea. ;-) Thanks for sharing - super cute post!

  11. Tee hee hee... love Where's Wally! So simple and so clever. Love this! xoxo P

  12. This looks like so much fun and something that I think parents forget to try with their children. Great pictures too.

  13. Love it! We need to do something about our dress ups too!! This looks fabulous! :)


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