Thursday, 17 October 2013

Slimy Sensory Bug Play

Sensory Messy Play Bug Tray; Dimples has been fascinated with insects lately. He has been to a bug show and is spotting them all over the place now that the weather has warmed up. I made some cooked spaghetti soaked in a drop of black food dye for a messy play experience which we haven't done in a way and it was thoroughly enjoyed by both kids.

Slimy spaghetti adds a sensory element to the bug activity and works well with the insect theme as it is slippery, slimy and a bit on the creepy side. At one stage through Dimples imaginative play they were actually worms. Make sure you add a drop of oil to your drained spaghetti to prevent it from going sticky and gross, this way it remain slippery and fun for longer and the colour locks into the spaghetti. Our drop of black turned slightly purple looking but it still made for an awesome sensory play tray.

In Dimples learning corner at the moment he has a variety of bug and insect books, puzzles and posters. He has been interested in them for a month of so now and can identify different insects. He has a cute little bug catching set and has recently had some day long pets that he studies and watches before letting them go free, the most exciting was a black Prince Baby Cicada & a lady beetle.
With this Slimy bug tray Dimples went through and sorted them into categories; bugs that fly, beetles, crickets and grass hoppers.
Then he tried pairing them up. He then went for colour sorting and matched all the bugs with the same colour together.

Miss Cherub had her hands full of spaghetti, she just enjoyed squishing it between her fingers and swiping it out of the way. Dimples kept all of insects on his side of the tray out of her reach and I was sitting right by to monitor how she went but she loved it straight away and it was a great activity that they both enjoyed well together in different ways, along side each other. 

I asked Dimples to turn around as I hid certain insects and then told him the name of the bug he had to find, he went on a search for the lost creepy crawly and then had his turn at hiding one.
He ended up making a insect nest for his bugs and went through namely them correctly.

Learning Concepts:
Sensory Exploration
Insect identification
colour sorting
matching alike bugs
Discussion.Learning about insects in general

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Happy Adventures :)

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  1. Oh that looks delightfully squishy. I want to have a play too!


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